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Education Specialist, Trina Heter with a child who struggles in school because of a learning disability?

...tutoring for a child with reading difficulties?

...assistance for a child struggling in math? with setting up your house for homeschooling or finding the right curriculum for your child? find an alternative type of education for your student? discover the best way for your twice exceptional child to learn?

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                     I would definately recommend Heter Haven.  A

                postivite, rural atmosphere with individually

                directed education.  My daughter thrived there!

         - Facebook

                  Mrs. Heter does a wonderful job with students

        that have needs not being meet by the

        traditional educational establishment.  She has the

                training and expertise to obtain results from the

                student employing a multitude of techniques.  Mrs.

                Heter has created a warm and safe environment

                for students at all skill level to be successful.

       - LinkedIn          

                     Trina is an exception children's teacher having                     taught one of our children. She installed the

attribute of life-long learning in our son which has

    served him well long after he left her guidance

and tutorage.

         - LinkedIn